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Clarins Facials

Whatever your skincare concern your beauty therapist will tailor a treatment especially for you

The Harmonising Facial (1 Hour) $130

A intensive treatment that can be tailored to any specific concern – fine lines, lack of firmness, dehydration, congestion and sensitivity.

The Replenishing Facial (45 Minutes) $90

An efficient treatment that can be tailored to suit a young skin or busy people on the run.

The Nutri Lumiere Facial (1.5 Hours) $200

A salon only treatment inclusive of a relaxing back massage, luxurious facial and hand treatment. Nutri-Lumiere provides nourishment & luminosity whilst smooths & lifts to fight wrinkles, targets dark spots to even skin tone, leaving you with radiant supple hydrated skin.


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Clarins Pro-Active Face

Clarins Pro-Active treatments focus on the Clarins Touch and a Pro-Intensive Plus Formula. Ultra-concentrated professional product with specific textures are reserved for the expert hands of the Clarins trained Therapist.

Super Restorative Facial (1 1/4 Hours) $165

This hydrating, firming facial designed for mature skin, using specially formulated products for the 50 plus age group.

Anti Aging Facial (1 1/4 Hours) $165

A rejuvenating treatment that helps to preserve and protect while focusing on delicate areas prone to premature aging.

Radiance Facial (1 1/4 Hours) $165

A revitalising treatment that revives dull, lifeless complexions. Stimulating massage and an intensive concentrate of nourishing and energising ingredients help restore the radiance and vitality skin should naturally have.

Hydrating Facial (1 1/4 Hours) $165

This hydrating facial combats the effects of modern living (pollution, air-conditioning, central heating) to restore the skins natural equilibrium.

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Omnilux Revive Light Therapy

Is a non-invasive, non-laser red light therapy designed to minimize visible fine lines and wrinkles by plumping up the skin naturally. Add on an Omnilux Revive Light to any facial for $80

Omnilux Revive (30 Minutes) $135

An intensive treatment includes Synergie cleanse, exfoliation, light and day moisturiser with SPF. Instant result for busy people. (Included with any facial treatment is an extra $80)

Omnilux Photofacial (1 Hour) $165

Help smooth away wrinkles with an additional 15 minute face, neck and decollete massage, hand and head massage, followed by an intensive mask treatment.

Omnilux Revive Course $1350.00

10x Light treatments which include 2 x photofacials and 1 x Synergie Peel (Further discounts offered on prepaid and booked courses)

Peel & Omnilux Light Facial (1 Hour) $200

Combining two cutting edge treatments to give ultimate results in a very short time – leaves skin looking smoother, plumper, brighter and rested. (Like it’s been on a holiday!)

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Synergie Skin

Visible results with our professional only Skin Management Treatment. For ultimate results a course of treatments is recommended.

The Purifying Salicylic Peel (3/4 Hour) $100

A BHA salicylic peel gives pores a deep purification, exfoliation and potent anti-inflammatory activity. Ideal selection for acneic and congested skin types as well as rosacea sufferers. 6-8 fornightly treatments recommended.

The Lactic Brightening and Hydrating Peel (3/4 Hour) $100

An AHA lactic peel boosts skin’s natural moisture properties. A gentle chemical exfoliation treatment that brightens and firms the skin to achieve glowing and evenly toned complexion. 4-6 consecutive treatments recommended.

Sal Lac (AHA/BHA) Layered Peel (3/4 Hour) $130

Combining the benefits of lactic acid and salicylic acid to achieve remarkable results. This peel intensively exfoliates, plumps and volumises the appearance of the skin leaving it radiant and visibly smoother by it’s balancing effects, targeting dehydrated, uneven skin tones and problem prone skin. A face rejuvenator! This advanced treatment requires a course of 6-8 fortnightly treatments.

The Synergie Facial (no peel option) (1 Hour) $170

A customised facial treatment designed to treat the skin’s individual needs. Radiance for a special event, Barrier Repair for a sensitised skin, Advanced Anti-Ageing, Decongesting or Brightening are some of the many ways to achieve spectacular results for your skin. One weekly treatment over 4-6 weeks followed by monthly facials.

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