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Clarins Pro-Active Body

Clarins Pro-Active body treatments fuel the body with a concentrate of active plant extracts and aromatic oils applied with specialised massage movements using Clarins Touch.

Redefining Body Treatment (1 1/4 Hours) $165

After this treatment, body appears much healthier and more refined. This intensive body toning treatment boosts circulation and lymphatic flow, reduces fluid retention and enhances skin tone and elasticity.

Renewing Body Treatment (1 1/4 Hours) $165

A luxurious treatment to regenerate the skin and rejuvenate the body. It is ideal to have this treatment when too much time has been spent in the sun or the body is showing signs of aging.

Pro Polish and Redefining or Renewing Treatment (2 Hours) $240

A luxurious exfoliation to step up the activity of the Pro-Active Body treatments using an advanced body scrub enriched with fruit enzymes. It will condition and polish the skin, removing superfluous skin cells and impurities, leaving it soft and smooth.

Clarins Pro-Active Firming Leg Treatments (45 Minutes) $110

This treatment concentrates on the reduction of water retention, refining and toning skin that has lost its elasticity. 

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Body Treatments

Full Body Massage (1 Hour) $120
Back Massage (30 Minutes) $75

Swedish Massage technique combined  with aromatic essential oils for total relaxation.

Deep Tissue Back Massage (30 Minutes) $90

Incorporating Swedish massage movements and deep pressure, to alleviate muscle tension. Ideal for sports people.

Full Body Scrub & Tan (1 Hour) $130

A must for every season. Dull, dry skin us gently buffed away, leaving the skin soft and silky smooth, allowing tanning products to be applied quickly and evenly, the end result being a smooth, natural tan.

Body Polisher (1 1/2 Hours) $175

An exfoliating treatment that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, followed by a relaxing shower, then indulge in a full body massage.


Runaway for half a day (4 hours) $320

Includes back massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and a touch of colour

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